Wired Crowdsources Music Creation

Wired Magazine (US Edition) has asked its readers to create a song from three elements that they uploaded – a drum track, guitar track and bass line all using the online collaborative software Indaba.

122 readers participated in the experiment, with over 85 files being used to create the 5 songs. They are now asking readers to vote on the best song, and hope to get the crowd to remix the winning song.

Why might this be interesting? Because competitions on blogs are currently pretty lame. It’s either a comment based give-away, a retweet competition or (another) remix competition.

Using Indaba collaboratively could open a few doors. Something that would be really exciting would be a collaborative remix competition in teams – so there are two or more teams all remixing the same track. Perhaps the teams could be readers of ‘rival’ blogs, and they would be captained (X-Factor style) by different artists, so artists such as Drop The Lime or Diplo could drop in and out of the collaborative remix sessions.

This might be the tool and the approach to start making remix competition more compelling.


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