Big Stereo and Energizer Festival Partnership

Big Stereo have started the ‘Big Fest’ guide, a new area to the site which kicked off this weekend with pre-coverage for Bonaroo. The site kept things simple by adding a ‘must-see’ guide and a playlist from one of the bloggers, DJ Friendly Greg in addition to a full line-up schedule and Twitter integration.

Each post is added with the rather clumsy “Sponsored By Energizer – Advanced Lithium. Keep Going.”

Surprisingly there has been no further coverage of the festival, unless the Big Stereo boys are still recovering – I would have expected Energizer to have paid their tickets and get them creating more content for them…

Interesting to see how this develops throughout the summer…

Update: As you can see in the comments, we’ve caught this at a very early iteration. We’re all for cleverly thought out brand partnerships with the blogs, especially when they get extra cash to develop stuff they’ve always wanted to do, as this seems to be the case. I’m sure this will be an interesting development in the music-blog land.

One Response to “Big Stereo and Energizer Festival Partnership”
  1. Travis says:

    you caught us on a very soft launch! the breakout section will definitely be evolving as the summer progresses.

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