The Bro-ing Of Bushmills

Oirish whisky brand Bushmills is looking to acquire some Brooklyn cool with an über-local campaign featuring some of the electro aristocrats who congregate there.  A-trak, Chromeo, DJ and club impresario Nick Catchdubs, graphic artist Dust La Rock and others grace poster sites in the New York borough’s hippest neighbourhoods.

The posters lend the broader Bushmills Brothers campaign some hipster cred in a way that doesn’t feel too forced.  Cognoscenti will know that A-trak and Chromeo’s Dave 1 are actual brothers, and that many of the participants orbit the local Fool’s Gold record label.  Good support from the artists too — always a big win.

(Disclosure: we have previously worked with Chromeo and Fool’s Gold on our Bacardi B-LIVE project and have only good things to say about those guys.  Oh, and look out for a Fool’s Gold cameo in an upcoming Drop The Lime film we made, also for B-LIVE.)

Get Nick Catchdubs’ recent ‘Pink Lemonade’ mix (not Snapple-sponsored as far as we know) via Asian Dan.

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  1. […] a series of online video interviews, which are supplementing the poster campaign we mentioned […]

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