This obviously does not work, and the less said about it the better. Hearing a (nearly) 70 year old man sing about ‘fragging’ is quite disturbing. Advertisements


Menswear retailer Oki-Ni have started a new weekly mix series that pairs up the stores favourite producers with a t-shirt designer to create original mixes and accompanying limited edition T-shirts. The mixes share the same beautiful artwork as the T-shirts. So far the series has six entries including the Go Team and The Very Best … Continue reading

THE G-LIST // 2010

(This a semi-regular solo project and should in no way be taken as the views of Branding Rock’n’Roll, especially not BernieV, who has far better taste than me.) So here it is: a highly subjective list of tunes that have surprised and delighted in 2010. The numbers represent a proposed running order, not a hit … Continue reading

ALBUMS // 2010

Graham’s doing the top songs list (o’er here) and I’m going to cover off the albums. Well here they are, copied and pasted into WordPress faster than a Yngwie Maelstrom solo, ie: before my opinion changes. 10. The National – High Violet While lacking the anthemic bombast of ‘Alligator’ and the atmosphere of ‘Boxer’, The … Continue reading


Brooklyn’s Matt and Kim are pretty brand-friendly, having worked with Bacardi, Mountain Dew and choosing to open the new Converse store in Brooklyn. They’ve recently teamed up with American Express to produce a branded video interview, which looks like it was filmed back in September at the Virgin Festival. There’s four problems with this as … Continue reading


Seriously. What is going on here? This is so hugely, hugely embarrassing. I got the Diplo thing, but this is a whole new level of awful. “The Blackberry Torch is a decent specimen, and do I need to talk about the BB Messagin??’” Blackberry, please sort out your music strategy immediately.  


Moshi Moshi’s James Yuill commits the ultimate sin in this dreadful, dreadful video for Guinness. Oh god. They even called it ‘Jingle Pints’… Yes, it’s the combination of two of my favourite things. Guinness and …er…Virals? No! Music! That’s the other thing! I rejigged that old upbeat classic ‘Jingle Bells’ for Guinness. The reworked version … Continue reading


Branded Content took a major step forward this week with Foster’s unveiling the hugely anticipated new Alan Partridge material, ‘Mid Morning Matters’ which is likely to get mega-views and discussion on YouTube and fits in-line with their light-hearted and humorous ad-campaign. The only problem is that Foster’s feels completely wrong for this kind of content. … Continue reading


Activision has teamed up Dutch cheesemaster Tiesto to promote the forthcoming DJ Hero 2 game. The way they’ve chosen to engage us electronic music fans is by producing a music video for Speed Rails, made up entirely of in-game footage. Needless to say, it’s really really horrible. They could have had some fun with it, … Continue reading


Influencers is a forthcoming short film that explores how trends in music and creativity can become contagious. It’s being put together by R&I Creative and features interviews with people from Cornerstone, one of they key agencies in the brandingrock’n’roll world who have developed campaigns for the likes of Converse, including the Rubber Tracks studio project … Continue reading